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Porcelain and Ceramics - Everything You Should Know

Most people often use the two words Porcelain and Ceramics, as if they were the same, the two products can almost look identical but are quite diverse. Explore both materials in detail and discover key differences between Porcelain and Ceramics.

Visconti: The Art of Writing

Discover the Visconti Pens collections that have set high standards in the writing experience since 1988. In addition to the history of Visconti, find exciting details about the history of writing letters, the usage of pens and their evolution.

Mappin & Webb - A British Treasure

For more than 240 years, Mappin & Webb silver has been recognized for its exceptional quality and most tasteful designs. Discover the famous British company that began its journey in 1775 in Sheffield, with the aim of crafting the most superb British silverware of all time.

Montegrappa, the Italian "Montblanc"

Both modern and traditional, the Montegrappa brand of luxury writing instruments offers splendid and original models of fountain and ballpoint pens. Of highly elaborate designs and the utmost quality, these luxury pens are considered to be real jewels. 
Meissen Porcelain: History and Characteristics

Meissen Porcelain: History and Characteristics

The secret of Chinese porcelain production had fascinated the West world for a thousand years. Discover the characteristics of Meissen and Dresden porcelain and learn about the factory which would produce the first-ever pieces of European hard-paste porcelain, gaining worldwide fame. 
How to Identify Antique Crystal Glassware

How to Identify Antique Crystal Glassware

While the manufacturing process of both crystal and conventional glass is similar, they are not made using all the same materials. Learn about the similarities and differences between the two, the best ways to identify crystal glass, all while discovering some of the best crystal glass manufacturers in the world. 
Limoges: a Town Associated with Quality Porcelain

Limoges: a Town Associated with Quality Porcelain

Limoges holds the position of the top porcelain manufacturing city in France, having been awarded the title of 'International Porcelain Capital' in 1925. Discover the high-quality porcelain produced in and around the French city of Limoges that is recognized for its whiteness, translucency, and exceptional firmness.
The Legendary Lady Hamilton by Moser

The Legendary Lady Hamilton by Moser

Distinguished by exceptional quality, incredible brilliance, sonority, and an abundant variety of shapes and styles, Moser is unlike all other crystal manufacturers and their iconic Lady Hamilton collection proves it. Discover the brand's exclusive papal cut technology production method of a lead-free crystal glass recipe that is one of a kind.  
Villeroy & Boch

Villeroy & Boch – The Finest German Porcelain

The iconic porcelain manufacturer Villeroy & Boch represents the highest quality of German porcelain. Combining modern and traditional, the brand's items range from kitchen accessories to dinnerware and fine cutlery. Through the most current production processes and the most competent employees, V&B has certainly become a definite symbol of eternal elegance.
Joan Gardy-Artigas

Meet Joan Gardy-Artigas: Mirò and Picasso's Favorite Ceramist

Meet Joan Gardy-Artigas, the renowned Catalan ceramist and artist who would go on to lead a glorious career and work with some of the greatest leading artists of the twentieth century - Picasso and Miró, Giacometti, and Chagall.