Contemporary art is the art in the present day, shaped in the 20th century

Small chips and cracks can be restored and renovated in order to save your crystal and porcelain items. By following these simple methods, you will learn how to fix the fragmented parts of the crystal and porcelain and to evenly cover with a sealing compound in order for the cracks not be noticeable.

Fountain pens over a period of time the ink desiccates and builds up in the nib such as dust, fibers, and flakes disrupting the vessel action and causing the pen to write poorly.

In the world of antiques and collectables, the value of the antique and collectable depends on three things. How many of the items are available, what is its condition and how much is its worth.

Varnish can provide a lovely finish to ligneous wooden furniture. Beforehand to applying the lacquer to your furniture, you need to follow the few simple steps listed below.

Many individuals take out their fine silver for special occasions, so the silver sits unused in the cubbyhole dull and over casted. Once its brought out you recognize the silver polishes containing harmful chemicals that is bad for the environment and for your health.


The French artist Claude Jouhanneau, was very passionate and dedicated his whole life to his art. This enthusiasm leads him in the direction of the study of objects of art in their historical development and stylistic contexts. He studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Tours from 1948 to 1950, then worked alone and deliberated Antiquing in the Louvre Museum, as well as the Nu at the Academy of the Grande Chaumière.

In order to be at the heart of the Design and Art district in Beirut, Bellamy’s Lebanon has decided to team up with Tinta Negra, by completely reshaping its Gallery at Mar Mikhael. Take a stroll and come discover our innovative, creative and generic scene composed of Paintings, Vintage items and unusual gifts. Our doors are open to welcome you Monday to Saturday between 11pm to 7pm.