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Villeroy & Boch – The Finest German Porcelain

Villeroy & Boch represents the highest quality of German porcelain and has become a definite symbol of eternal elegance. The iconic manufacturer combines the traditional with the modern, with items ranging from fine cutlery to dinnerware and kitchen accessories. It all started in 1748, in the Duchy of Lorraine when Francois Boch and his three sons founded a small pottery workshop with a goal to create kitchen utensils for the middle class.

Meet Joan Gardy-Artigas: Mirò and Picasso's Favorite Ceramist

Who is Joan Gardy-Artigas? Joan Gardy-Artigas is a renowned Catalan ceramist and artist. He was born on June 18 1938 in Boulogne-Billancourt, near Paris but after the outbreak of World War II, Artigas moved with his family to Catalonia, where he would lead a glorious career and work with some of the greatest leading artists of the twentieth century - Picasso and Miró, Giacometti, and Chagall.
Baccarat Crystal Glassware

Baccarat: Crystal Glassware of the Highest Standards

For more than two hundred years, the Baccarat brand has certainly been setting the highest standards in crystal glassmaking. In their quest to create beauty, their expert glassmakers have turned ordinary objects into works of high art: glasses, vases, decanters, wine glasses. 

The World S.T. Dupont

The founder of the S.T. Dupont brand, Simon Tiso Dupont, has been enchanted by luxury since early childhood. This is understandable, knowing that he grew up in the court of Emperor Napoleon III, and had been his photographer at just 25 years old, building up quite the keen-eye for luxury and a brilliant grasp of Parisian fashion sense and design. 
What You Should Know About Reverse Glass Painting

What You Should Know About Reverse Glass Painting

Reverse glass painting is a form of art that consists of applying paint to a piece of glass to afterward view the painted picture through the other side of the painted glass.
It’s Official - Here are the 2 Colors of the Year 2021

It’s Official - Here are the 2 Colors of the Year 2021

Quick BackgroundFor the past 20 years, the Pantone Institute of Color has been widely influential in highlighting which color will be trendy, or will reign during the course of a particular year. Pantone’s Color specialists search the various fields looking to identify new color influences, fields such as Art, the fashion and entertainment industry as well as all aspects of the world of design. The well-thought-out decision is typically based on considerate trend analysis and thoughtful research.

Michel Perchin - The Craftsman Who Created Fabergé's Imperial Eggs

In 1885, the Russian Emperor Alexander III ordered from Fabergé a decorative egg as an Easter gift for his wife. The couple enjoyed the egg to a point that the Emperor commissioned a new one for his wife from Fabergé every Easter afterword. This is how the iconic series of Fabergé eggs began. Fabergé is different from other jewelers. Bringing the technique of enamel to perfection, unsurpassed to this day.

5 Contemporary African Artists You Should Know

 Contemporary or modern Art normally reflects on the diverse issues that shape the constantly evolving world that we live in. Through their Art, various contemporary African artists raise challenging questions, inspect individual or cultural identity, examine social structures and may sometimes redefine Art itself. Recently, the market for contemporary African Art has globally grown as more auction departments, art fairs, museum and galleries become devoted to exhibiting the talents of many African Artists. Here are the 5 contemporary African Artists you should know about:

How To Read English Sterling Silver Marks

In this guide you will learn how to read and recognize English sterling silver marks. Whether you want to be sure you are buying genuine authentic sterling silver or just inform yourself about your piece, sterling silver is quite unique and you will be surprised at how much you can know about your silver.  Silver hallmarks date back to the medieval times and are meant to guarantee the authenticity and purity of the precious metal. 

10 Indoor Scenery Paintings By Claude Jouhanneau

Claude Jouhanneau (France, 1931) is a 20th century abstract painter with more than 1,000 paintings signed and listed. Jouhanneau excelled at a technique that involves mixing sand and oil, which creates dense and heavy paintings with a rough texture. The artist did not shy away from the indoors, and frequently painted elements inside various rooms. In this article, we explore 10 of such paintings.