Aurora Pens: an Italian legend

Aurora Pens: an Italian legend

Aurora was founded in 1919 in Italy, more exactly in the city of Turin, right after the treaty of Versailles that ended the First World War. Lead by the Verona family that has been in this line of business for more than 4 generations, Aurora is today a reference for luxury pens and a leading brand for watches and luxury leather goods.
How To Clean A Painting?

How To Clean A Painting?

When investing in works of art, you need to take good care of them to preserve their value and beauty over time. In addition of being an investment with stunning surprises sometimes, paintings are extremely decorative and often reflect its owner’s tastes and personality. But they are also not protected from dust accumulation and contamination. Let's try to understand what care the paintings and frames need, how to clean and store them.  
perfect artwork home decor

Expert tips to choose the right artwork for your home

Choosing artwork for your home can be a daunting task and selecting art to compliment bare walls that need a hint of color can take years. We have compiled expert tips to help you make your selection.
bellamysworld numismatics coin collecting

Coin collecting, numismatics, as an investment

Coin collecting can be an exciting hobby, and can provide collectors with insights into different eras and history. Learn how to start collecting coins and growing your collection.
how to invest in art bellamysworld

How to invest in art - is art a good investment?

Investing in art requires a lot of research and knowledge, before making a purchase. There are many tools that art enthusiasts can use, to make a wise investment in art.
ronan barrot french painter bellamysworld

Ronan Barrot: The dark works of the exceptional French painter

Ronan Barrot, the French contemporary painter, has received international acclaim for his unique works on canvas. He has developed a distinct painting style on canvas, depicting sights, subjects and scenes from everyday life, in an unconventional way.

How to write with a fountain pen

The writing experience with a fountain pen, is second to none. However, there are techniques that you can use to enhance the writing experience and the flow of the ink. Learn how to write with a fountain pen.

The trials of operating an e-commerce business in Lebanon

Explore the story of Bellamysworld. As one of the first ecommerce art marketplaces in Lebanon, the challenges and opportunities of the business are shared by its Founder and CEO, Philippe Abdeni.

Exclusive Interview with Andres Giles: The Self-Taught Abstract Painter

Andrés Francisco Giles’ journey to becoming a world-renowned painter is perhaps a little unconventional – just like his works of art. However, his passion and talent in the arts was discovered very early on, by his teachers and his mother when he was in Kindergarten.

Different types of Tasbih Beads

From ancient times to the present day, tasbih beads, the masbaha and rosaries, have retained their importance and influence in people’s lives whether it’s used for decorative or prayer purposes. Discover the different types of tasbih beads.