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Bellamysworld has been sharing its passion and expertise in the world of Arts and Luxury since 2003, making it easy for Arts enthusiasts worldwide to discover and own authentic, unique, one-of-a-kind Art and High-End Accessories. 

Today Bellamysworld is expanding in unison with the growing global arts movement and strives to deliver purchases right at your doorstep, wherever you are, in no time at all. 

With the best in Art and High-End Accessories, Bellamysworld offers thousands of items and styles ranging from antiques to contemporary. 

Bellamysworld is an innovative art business platform offering clients exceptional opportunities to buy the most refined art pieces online, experience live and timed auctions, and be exposed to art education and news anytime from your desktop to your mobile. 

Our aim is to become one of the leading platforms for Arts and Luxury by continuously introducing innovative and interactive auction modules, customized brokerage and appraisal services.

A new world of Arts is one click away…enjoy the experience and stay in touch.

Letter from the Founder

Dear Friends, 

I would like to personally welcome you to Bellamysworld, the outcome of more than 12 years of knowledge and market experience in the world of Arts and High-End Accessories.

By offering a very comprehensive, multifunctional website, Bellamysworld's aim is to become one of the leading global platforms in the field.

Connect with us on Social Media and make sure to check our blog so we can always communicate the best with you, and keep you up to date with everything that is new at Bellamysworld. Our dedicated team of passionate Art gurus is here to assist you and answer your questions at all times.

Bellamysworld is your world; I wish you pleasant moments, interesting discoveries and an exceptional experience.

Philippe R. Abdéni
Founder, CEO