About Bellamysworld


"Our Vision is to be the leading market place for art and high-end accessories"

Founded in 2003, Bellamysworld is a leading expert in the realm of arts and luxury, serving as a reference for high-end authentic and unique accessories, jewelry, furniture and artwork.

Through its online marketplace, Bellamysworld has been transforming with the burgeoning global arts movement. Through its unparalleled services, a gallery-like online marketplace, live auctions and a specialized advisory arm, Bellamysworld extends its expertise to art enthusiasts on an international scale.

Today, the collection exhibited on Bellamysworld is extensive and includes classical items, authentic pieces, antiques, fine art and modern art, as well as collectibles from various countries and eras.

Through its founder, Philippe Abdéni, Bellamysworld is part of the European Chamber of Expert-Advisors in Fine Arts (C.E.C.O.A.). As such, Bellamysworld and its team are committed to set new standards in the online trade of arts and high-end accessories.

A Word From Our Founder

Dear clients,

When Bellamysworld was founded over fifteen years ago, the team of experts sought to create a platform to make art and high-end accessories accessible to a global audience. We were and remain committed to serve as a bridge between past eras and the present day, connecting people through a shared passion for arts and culture.

As members of global fine arts societies, we have a responsibility to continue to learn and enrich our knowledge in the realm of arts, and subsequently, share it with enthusiasts.

What drives us forward are the discoveries that remain, the realms of arts and culture yet to be revealed and the abundance of authentic pieces that exist in personal collections and homes.

We invite you to explore Bellamysworld and uncover the stories behind each item.

Welcome to Bellamysworld.

Philippe R. Abdéni
Founder & CEO

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