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About Bellamysworld


"Our Vision is to be the leading market place for art and high-end accessories"


The story of Bellamysworld goes back to 2003 when a group of experts and art passionate decided to Open an Auction house.

Digital technology progresses made Artworks accessible to the world. The decision to go online was taken at an early stage and the starting auction house became a major e-commerce website for Fine Arts under the name: Bellamysworld.com

Thousands of products are featured on a friendly tri-lingual website, ranging from classic items to modern art, accessories, vintage items, jewelry, paintings, pens and much more making your browsing experience an extraordinary journey of discovery.

The founder and CEO of Bellamysworld, Philippe Richard Abdeni, is a member of the European Chamber of Expert-Advisors in Fine Arts (C.E.C.O.A.) based in Paris since more than 12 years.

A Word From Our Founder

Dear clients,

When Bellamysworld was founded eighteen years ago, the team of experts sought to create a platform to make fine art and genuine pieces accessible to everyone. We were and remain committed to serve as a bridge between past eras and the present day, connecting people through a shared passion for arts and culture.

As members of global fine arts societies, we have the responsibility to continue to learn and enrich our knowledge in the world of arts and share it with art lovers around the world.

What drives us forward is the passion of revealing secrets and hidden mysteries of art through ages and cultures.

We invite you to discover and uncover the stories behind Bellamysworld collection of items.

Welcome to Bellamysworld.

Philippe R. Abdéni
Founder & CEO


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