Expertise & Offerings

The search for authenticity and uniqueness is our driving force. At BellamysWorld, we are committed to extend our expertise and serve the world of arts, collectibles and culture.

Guaranteed Art Expertise

With nearly two decades of experience in the international art scene, BellamysWorld is strategically affiliated to countless experts worldwide. We have instilled trust amongst our clientele, to solely purchase, exhibit and sell authentic and certified items.

Experienced Auctioneers

BellamysWorld is committed to bring forth international best practices, and cascade them through live auctions to a global audience. The platform and showroom serve as a bridge between art movements from East to West, strategically positioned to serve all regions.

Specialized Advisory

Through its international exposure, BellamysWorld has access to countless items, from personal collections, estates and auction houses. BellamysWorld accesses the global art marketplace through its international reach, where desired items can be uncovered, upon clients’ requests. 

Extends International Coverage

BellamysWorld has a presence in major continents, covering the art movement in the Middle East, Europe and the Americas. Through our network, we offer clientele the best in class advisory and e-commerce servicing.

Valuation of Artworks and High-end Accessories 

At BellamysWorld, prices of every item are carefully studied and presented to clients. Acting as agents in the art world, the best deals are transparently displayed, for clientele to make better informed decisions and ensure satisfaction with every purchase.

Technological Innovation

Powered by digitally innovative technology, BellamysWorld continuously improves its functionalities, in order to provide clients with a prime shopping experience. 

Client Satisfaction: Shipping & Returns

At BellamysWorld, client satisfaction is our governing promise. We use the most reputable international courier companies, extending door-to-door hassle-free services, with a 100% return policy, to optimize buying experiences.