How It Works?

A timed online auction is automated and takes place solely online. The bidding for each lot also known as increment is predetermined and corresponds normally to 10% of the estimate of the item. All lots have NO RESERVE, in other terms, the first increment (bid) will be of 10% of the estimated value. The timed auction is set for a period of 14 days. Each item will have a visual counter allowing you to see the remaining period. During this period of open bidding, one will be able to see the current high bid on each lot. You may place a higher bid at the various predetermined increments (bids) proposed to you. In timed online auctions, bidders are automatically informed by email when another competing bidder has outbid them. At the end of the 14 days period, the lot is sold to the last and highest bidder. Please make sure to estimate your shipping on the lot you intend to bid on prior to entering the online auction. In order to participate in Bellamysworld's Online Timed Auctions you must register by creating an account through Facebook or by filling in your banking information (IBAN or SWIFT). A confirmation email, including password and user name will be sent to you once your registration is approved. By bidding, you accept the terms and conditions of Bellamysworld's Online Timed Auction.

The most recent auction has now closed. The next auction will be coming soon.

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